Ballot Box 1 – Place Your Votes on Issues

The Ballot Box Page 1 – This is where we capture your votes on Vote Canada issues.

There are two pages to the Ballot Box. On this page we capture your votes on issues as explored within Vote Canada. We then ask you to click on the “Continue/Complete Your Vote” button which will take you to a page that captures information about you that allows us to place your voting information into context.

You don’t have to answer any or all the questions on Ballot Box Page One, but we do require you to answer a few of the questions, marked with a “*” on the second Ballot Box page to register your votes. Good luck and thanks for participating on Vote Canada.

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Click on the “Complete/Continue Your Vote” button above and you will be taken the second part of the Ballot Box where we capture some simple personal information that allows us to put your votes in context.

The Ballot Box pages are  where we capture your personal information and voting preferences. It should not take more then 30 seconds to fill out. Even though this information is submitted anonymously we will not provide your personal vote preferences to anyone. The information derived from your vote will only be shown in chart or table form within the Vote Canada website.

You can use any email address when filling out the ballot box form but remember what email you used so you can change your votes or vote on new questions. If you want to be notified by Vote Canada (usually about new voting questions)in the future, please use a working email address. We will not divulge your email address to anyone.

If you do not know what federal riding or electoral district  you live in please go to

If you do not know what what provincial riding or electoral district you live in please go to one of the following election information sites: Alberta , British Columbia , Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, or Saskatchewan.

2 thoughts on “Ballot Box 1 – Place Your Votes on Issues

  1. I am in the New York City riding

    • Dear James,

      We would like you to contribute your vote(s) even if you don’t live in Canada… even if you are not Canadian.

      Thanks for replying.

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