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Voting Results on Vote Canada Post Questions

On this page we will be reporting the opinions our voters relating to Vote Canada blog posts. We will be adding more charts, exploring the results more closely, as the the number of voters increase.  The goal is to to have sufficient number of votes  to accurately understand how Canadians (and others) feel about critical issues of the day.  We will also show the relationship between the nature of our voters and their views on issues so that politicians can more easily understand how these issues affect us… and ideally… appropriately address these issues.

Please vote and see these charts automatically update when you refresh the page.

Was Justice Served in the Case of Dennis Oland? (Yes, No, Not Sure)

Vote Canada thinks that justice was not served with the Dennis Oland guilty verdict.  What do you think?

Read the “Dennis Oland” Post More About the Voters
Dennis Oland Voting Results

I agree that Mr Harper should be ashamed of himself (Yes, No)

Vote Canada thinks that Mr Harper should be ashamed of himself for using the “niquad” as an election issue. Do you agree?

Read the “Niquad” Post  More About the Voters

Niquad Voting Results


I agree (Yes or No) with Vote Canada on what to do about the “migrant crisis.”

Vote Canada thinks that Canada should take the lead on the “migrant crisis” by advocating that all the “free” nations around the world take in a percentage of the migrants based upon population…

Read the “Migrant Crisis” Post  More About the Voters

Migrant Crisis Voting Results


Should we abolish the Senate, fix it or leave it alone?

Vote Canada thinks that we should modify or improve the senate rather then abolish it or leave it as it is, what do you think?…

Read the “Abolish the Senate” PostMore Voter Analysis(coming soon)

Abolish the Senate Voting Results


In our “Open Letter to Justin Trudeau,”  we captured… “what I want to hear,” “some of what I want to hear” or “not what I want to hear.”

Vote Canada wrote an open letter to Justin Trudeau where we explored how we think Justin Trudeau could win the coming election….Read the “Open Letter to Justin” PostMore Voter Analysis(coming soon)

Open Letter to Justin Voting Results

Microbeads!  Really?

Vote Canada thinks any product that goes down the drain as part of its intended use should be biodegradable in municipal waste management or septic tank systems and that we should pass legislation that ensures this.  It is becoming evident that that microbeads and triclosan do not meet theses requirements.  Do you agree? …

Read the “Microbeads! Really?” Post  More Voter Analysis(coming soon)

Microbeads Voting Results

Global warming is a scientifically proven fact and we must do something about it even though the costs will be high or risk serious consequences

Vote Canada is of the opinion that “global warming” or “climate change” is happening and that much more meaningful steps should be taken to slow or reverse the process.  Do you agree? …

Read the “Global Warming” Post  More Voter Analysis(coming soon)

Global Warming Voting Results

Should we take steps to reduce the price of liquor in bars and restaurants?

Vote Canada thinks that the price of liquor, particularly in bars and restaurants, is too high in Canada.  What do you think?…

Read the “Price of Liquor” Post  More Voter Analysis(coming soon)

Price of Liquor Voting Results


Does Mr Harper need to spend more time explaining Bill C-51?

Vote Canada wonders whether Bill C-51 is aboslutely necessary and asks our voters whether or not they think Stephen Harper should be explaining better why it is so necessary  …

Read the “Bill C-51” Post  More Voter Analysis(coming soon)

Bill C-51 Voting Results

Should the Government take steps to support Canadian manufacturing even if makes the products we buy more expensive?

Vote Canada explores the wisdom of importing absolute everything from China and wonders if Canadians would support steps to repatriate Canadian manufacturing even if it means that some things will cost more…

Read the “Made in China” Post  More Voter Analysis(coming soon)

Made in China Voting Results

Should NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair Shave His Beard?

Vote Canada wonders whether Tom Mulcair and the NDP would be better off if Tom shaved his beard…

Read the “Tom Mulcair’s Beard” Post  More About the Voters

Tom Mulcair’s Beard Voting Results


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