Made in China @#$%&!


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made in china

My new made in china ski poles

Enough is enough!

Today I took my new, just purchased, cross country ski poles and my 20 year old cross country ski’s out for a trial run.  One of the poles broke during normal use.  As I was cursing under my breath I looked for and found the tell tale “Made in China” label.

Two weeks ago I went to Canadian Tire and bought a pair of skates.  I was quite excited to try them out so I took them right away to the skate sharpener.  It seemed be taking him an awful long time to get the job done and after a while he brought them back to me and told me to look along the blades.  Both blades were bent.  He told me he see’s this all the time now.  You guessed it, they were made in China.

Four weeks ago I wore my old blue jeans (bought at Mark’s Work Warehouse) into Marks Work Warehouse and I told the sales lady I want two pairs of exactly the same jeans.  She brought out a pair of jeans that were marked 4 inches longer at the waist then the ones I was wearing.  She told me that since they recently outsourced the manufacture of the jeans from Canada to China the sizes are all off.

A couple months ago while getting our hockey equipment ready for the coming season I had a look at my trusty old equipment.  Everything was made in Canada.  I then checked my son’s bag and every single piece of equipment, including the stick, was made in China.

You have got to give the Chinese full credit for building up their economy but I do wonder what all those people who used to be making my ski poles, skates, blue jeans and hockey equipment are doing for employment.   Are slightly cheaper, poorly made products worth relocating our whole manufacturing sector to a foreign, communist country?

I am all for free trade but free trade is only really fair when it occurs between countries that share similar values, laws and methods of government.  So why would our federal government allow this to happen?  I think it is because they are unduly influenced by western corporate leaders.  It serves their purpose but does it serve ours?  I have lived in the Caribbean for many years and I know firsthand how they’re spending the billions they’re making: Row on row of 300 foot yachts and jet aircraft.

So is it too late to turn this around?  Maybe, maybe not.   But to quote an ancient Chinese proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

So the question to vote on is: “Would you support the government taking steps to protect the Canadian manufacturing sector and its employees even if it means that many products are going to me more expensive.”  Yes or no?

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