Microbeads Regulation

Results of Vote Canada voting on the microbeads regulation issue

On this page we will be describing the voters, their votes and their opinions regarding microbeads regulation. As the the number of voters increase we will be adding more and more charts to do this.  The goal is to to have sufficient number of votes  to accurately understand how Canadians (and others) feel about this issue. Not only how they would vote but who they are by describing where they are from, and their background linguistically, ethnically, and politically.

We will also show the relationship between the nature of our voters and their views on issues so that politicians can more easily understand how these issues affect us… and ideally… appropriately address these issues.

This issue was discussed within the Vote Canada Blog.


Please vote and see these charts automatically update when you refresh the page.

Every product that is sold to consumers that goes down the drain (when used as intended) should be biodegradable within a typical household septic tank and field system.  Yes or No.

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