Migrant Crisis

The Migrant Crisis in Europe

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There are a lot of people, mostly in Europe, who are hoping this issue will just go away.  It won’t.  People don’t just go away, even if you kill them.  Injustice, and in this case mega-injustice, has a way of reverberating well into the future and creates sets of problems that are much more costly to fix then the original cause.

Migrant Crisis – This issue will not go away

And you don’t have to look very far afield to see examples of this.  Take a close look at  the residential schools crisis in Canada.  The damage is multi-generational and the cost in $$$ is climbing into the billions to say nothing of the other costs of cultural genocide.

And the kinds of future problems injustice creates are difficult, if not impossible, to predict.  The issues in the Middle East and with Islam that we’re dealing with today, at a cost of trillions of dollars and countless lives, can be easily traced to historical injustice not properly addressed.  The crusades; the Jewish holocaust; imperial colonialism; all root causes, are haunting and will continue to haunt us well into the foreseeable future.

Migrant Crisis – We should be justly proud of our record with the “boat people.”

And while Canada has been doing better with dealing with these kinds of issues lately  we will always have the blood of the people on the SS St Louis which we, and pretty much every other nation, turned away when over 900 people tried to escape Germany and the impending holocaust.  That being said, we should be justly proud of our behavior during the Vietnamese boat crisis where, due to groundswell public outcry, we liberated over 110 thousand people.  Its interesting to note that in this case, the West (mostly France and the USA) caused the problem in the first place and its real roots can be traced all the way back to the treaty of Versailles where the leaders of Britain, USA, Italy and France imposed an overly-simple political structure onto a war-ravaged world.

Migrant Crisis – Every free country in the world should do its part

So what should, could or must we do.  To Vote Canada, it’s simple.  We can’t fix the causal issue(s) but we can care for the people who are its direct result.  We think that every free country in the world should immediately agree to accept a percentage of the migrants that is based upon each country’s population.  Maybe Canada can take a few more… we’ve got lots of room.  Resettle everyone who wants to leave and do it now before more damage is done.  

Migrant Crisis – Canada should take the lead

Getting every country to agree to this will be difficult so Canada should take the lead.  One by one every other country will step into line as the shame of inaction mounts.  Yes… it will cost us each a little but just as injustice reverberates well into the future… so does justice and it does so in a most attractive way.  My little fella is 1/4 Lebanese and that is direct result of Canada harboring Lebanese refugees over 100 years ago. Imagine 100’s of thousands of people, who we’ve saved, sending their money, good will and energy into rebuilding their ancestral countries.  That’s what people do, you know… sometimes carrying on for generations.  Think of the good will, think of the problems they will help solve.  Their current rulers don’t deserve them.

So the question to be voted on is “I agree with this idea and I agree that  Canada should take the lead on this world issue and immediately agree to accept its share of  the migrants”  Yes or No?

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One thought on “Migrant Crisis

  1. Since we wrote this article on July 30th, the Migrant Crisis has just gotten worse.

    We simply cannot understand why Stephen Harper has not seen this as an opportunity to win over voters outside his base. He has nothing to lose by doing the right thing (and setting an example for the rest of the world) because his current voters, although he clearly feels that they are anti-immigrant, would have no where to go if he supported a more robust response to this crisis. Instead he appears to be pandering to the more base instincts of his core voters. Harper’s reference to “old stock Canadians” is, perhaps, a Freudian slip that provides a bit of a window into what Harper is actually thinking.

    To say nothing of the missed opportunity to enhance Canada’s good name in the world by strongly advocating for a whole world response to this issue and leading by example. Instead, it seems to be a case of the citizens leading the government. Everywhere you go there are stories of ordinary citizens trying to bring in and give a home to migrants but the government appears to be actively hindering the process.

    Rick Hillier (former head of the Canadian Armed forces) believes we can bring in 50 000 migrants before Christmas. He also knows how do it. We are wondering… is there any way we can vote for him in the coming election.

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