About Vote Canada

What is Vote Canada all about?

Vote Canada is about opening a window into how Canadians from all walks of life think and feel about our politics and the important issues of the day.

Vote Canada is about enhancing the ability for Canadians to effectively participate in the day-to-day process of our democracy.

Vote Canada is about facilitating the flow of our thoughts, our opinions and our values to our leaders and elites.

The idea of Vote Canada is that together through voting and contributing to the discussion we can simultaneously inform and hold responsible our political leaders and elites.

Before Vote Canada our political leaders and other elites could only use polls to determine the thoughts and wishes of the majority of Canadians.  What Vote Canada does, in part, has been traditionally  provided by market research companies such as Angus Reid, Harris Decima* etc.through polling.   Polling, while reasonably accurate when done right,  is intrusive (they call you, usually while you’re eating dinner) and because they are trying to hold your attention, the effective range of questions is limited and the answers are provided under a kind of duress.  In addition, those polled do not get to see the results and thus cannot see how their views fit with other Canadian’s views.  Polls are also very expensive and are usually commissioned by governmental or corporate interests for their own purposes… not the general public’s

The mission of Vote Canada is use the Internet to be a better and a richer alternative to polling while also being non intrusive (you come to us), flexible (in the sense that voters will have a lot to say about what questions are asked and you can change your vote(s) at any time) and the sample size can be as big as everyone. The results are ours to see.

So please share this site with everyone.  It takes less then a minute to vote and together we are powerful.

*Clink on this link for a comprehensive list of polls conducted focusing just on on federal politics.

Do you want to have your thoughts, ideas or opinions published on Vote Canada?

Do you have interesting ideas or strong feelings about our wonderful country and want your voice to be heard? We will publish well written, heartfelt  opinions relating to our country as a whole in our Vote Canada Blog.  Whatever your political affiliation, whatever your background, we want to hear from you… and put YOUR thoughts to the vote.  Use the form below to contact us if you want to submit something for publication.

How to vote on Vote Canada

The voting process is simple.  All you need is an email address.  Fill in the Ballot Box form on the right of this page by entering an email address and answering the “I am not a machine” question.  You will be taken to your personal Ballot Box web pages.  Fill in the Ballot Box forms and click “Vote.”   You can come back to change your vote at any time.  We will always be adding new questions to vote on so come back often. To change your votes click on the red “Voted Already” button and we will email you a secure link that allows you to access your personal vote information.

You can use a made up email when you vote but if you do, you will not be able to change your votes in the future because we will not be able to email you your secure access link.

What if I want a different view (chart or table) of the voting information

Let us know if you there is a particular view you wish to see.  We are collecting a wide variety of information that is not usually collected in the regular voting process.  All this information can be put together in interesting ways … for example… What percentage or people over the age of 50 who are male from Alberta who live in towns would vote Green. If you would like to see a specific chart or table please contact us using the below contact form.  We intend to provide a wide variety of forms illustrating many aspects of the collected data but if you want a specific view of this information that we would not otherwise have published we reserve the right to charge for this service.  Contact us for more information.

Feel free to use the charts in any way you wish but we ask you to credit Vote Canada for their use.

What if I don’t know what Federal or Provincial/Territorial riding or electoral district I live in.

If you don’t know what federal riding or electoral district you live in please go to www.elections.ca

If you do not know what what provincial riding or electoral district you live in please go to one of the following election information sites: Alberta , British Columbia , Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, or Saskatchewan.

Vote Canada Advertising / Funding

Development and maintenance of Vote Canada is primarily funded via embedded advertising and t-shirts sales. Feel free to click on and explore our advertisers offerings.

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Please contact us using the form below.


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